Foliage Foray

As bright and sunny and awesome as yesterday was, today … not so much. But it was no less fun grabbing the camera and heading out on back roads threading through Franconia, Easton, Bath and Lyman.

Any fashionista worth her weight can tell that a good neutral color like, say, gray, can really pop any color. And so it is with fall foliage. Oh, sure, I would have traded anything for a clear blue sky and sunshine today, but it was a gray and that’s ok.

Pop.Pop. Pop.



Easton Valley, Franconia


Swiftwater (a village in Bath)






The Foliage Hour

I couldn’t finish work fast enough today because it was a beautiful fall day and the foliage here in the White Mountains is at peak.

But being that it’s fall, the sun sinks early and even earlier when it drops behind the mountains. So I scooted around Sugar Hill, so named because of the abundance of sugar maples there, happily shooting away.

Honestly, if I have to choose an hour in an entire year that I look forward to, it’s this one. I can’t get enough of these colors.


foliage1Last light at The Rock Estate, Bethlehem

foliage3 Mount Cleveland from Lovers Lane, Sugar Hill

foliage2Mount Washington from Route 117

foliage4Mount Lafayette from Lovers Lane









Got Foliage? Here and There


NH Route 116, Easton

Now that it’s fall, we’re out and about leaf peeping. This year, like last, the colors have been slow in coming on, but in the past couple of days, they’ve downright popped in places.

It’s been hard to gauge in the past week because of the sunshine, which can bleach the landscape. Today, though, the sun was nowhere to be found and without the competition, we could tell that indeed, autumn is falling.

In the weeks leading up to foliage season, everyone has an opinion about when – and if – the colors will come out. They do. Every year. Whether the summer has been hot or cold, dry or wet, the leaves change color. And they change fabulously.

And this year, the reds are gorgeous. You should go see them.