Jefferson NH: Bringing in the Hay

First Cut ~ Jefferson, NH

Jefferson is one of my go-to places when my shutter finger is twitching. It was twitching after dinner tonight, so I wandered over there.

There are wide swathes of vistas in this little town. Depending on where you are, you can see the Franconia Range, the Presidential Range, farms and barns and bovine.

I passed by this hay field and swung off the road, pondering the rows of cut hay and the unmowed, with a backdrop of Mount Washington and the rest of the presidents. Up the road came this tractor, piloted by an elderly farmer. He hooked up the mower … mind you, this was a few minutes before 8 … and off he went down the field.

The sun setting, the scenery and scent of fresh-mown hay, the first cut of the season was wonderful.

Make hay while the sun shines? I’m sure glad I was there.



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