The 3 Little Bears

Three Bears, Sugar Hill

The best part of a Friday in early June is that there are still hours of daylight left from the minute you walk out the door of work until the sun goes down. Plenty of time to get home, grab the gear and go look for a great photo.

The lupines are out this weekend around Franconia Notch and tonight there were dozens of people out with their cameras, in fields and along the roadside taking shots of the pretty conical flowers against the backdrop of the White Mountains.

For those of us who swung off on the back roads, and in this case, Lovers Lane in Sugar Hill, we were in for a treat … a momma bear in the middle of a meadow. It became clear it was a momma bear when three cubs scurried out of the tree and scampered around.

Four or five of us were a comfortable distance away, a camaraderie quickly forming.

“There’s another one in the tree!”

“Look at the one getting on her back!”

“This is awesome!”

Soon enough, momma and her cute little cubs headed back to the woods. Those of us left with cameras compared lenses and shots and exposures, before heading back on the road, in search of another shot … but knowing we’d already been pretty darn lucky.




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